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If you are prescribed medication either during a consultation or through MyGP&Me, take the time to fully understand how and when to take it and ask about possible side-effects.

Your private GP will prescribe drugs which she feels are needed to help you with your health issue. Although at times, the GP may decide that your condition may improve without the use of drugs, for example a change of diet or bed rest.

The doctor will write you a private prescription if it is appropriate and by signing the prescription your doctor will carry the legal responsibility for it.

If you wish to understand more about the medicines you are being prescribed there are a number of people you can talk to as well as your GP:

  • The pharmacist
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Medicine manufacturer (medical information department)
  • Health charities
  • Patient organisations

By law all medicines should come with a leaflet which details how the medicine will help with your condition, any side-effects and things to look out for. The information may change as new things are learnt so you should read it each time you receive your medicine.

The leaflets do list almost all of the side effects ever experienced by any patients whilst taking the drug.

If you are concerned about the things that you read speak to the doctor, as it may be that the risks in the leaflet do not apply to you.

Paying for prescriptions

Private prescriptions are payable in full on collection from the practice or pharmacy. Items delvered must be paid for before delivery is arranged.

Unlike prescriptions issued by NHS GPs in England these are not charged as by the item, instead are individually priced to ensure you have the most appropriate drug for your needs. The clinician will always seek to use the most clinically effective drug first; however this may not always be the cheapest option. Please ensure you discuss the pricing with the practice if the cost of a prescribed drug or appliance is prohibitive.

Repeat prescriptions

If it is clinically appropriate you will be prescribed repeat medication. This is particularly relevant to those with long-term conditions. Each repeatable prescription will detail how many times the medication can be prescribed on that particular prescription and is another way of getting your medicines without having to ask your GP for a prescription each time.

From time to time you may be asked to visit the practice for a prescription review prior issuing further repeat prescriptions, if the doctor hasn’t consulted with you recently.

This dispensing scheme is only suitable for patients with stable medical conditions.

Convenient Delivery of Private Prescriptions

For assistance in the management and dispensing of private prescriptions we are able to offer:

  • FREE DELIVERY of prescription medication
    • Within 2 – 4 hours to all London postcodes or at patient’s convenience
    • Overnight delivery to the rest of the UK (including all surrounding islands)
    • International delivery (by quotation depending on speed and courier)
  • Direct delivery to patients’ preferred location; home, office, hotel, airport etc.
  • Delivery to a non-UK address by courier service nominally within 24hours*
  • Repeat Prescription Services available for patients’ taking regular medications

*please note that some medications may not be permitted to be imported to non-UK addresses due to the receiving countries laws.